Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Do job applicants pay a fee for your services?

          No. Healthcare for Hire is paid by the employer once a position is filled for 90 days.

  •  Where are most of your jobs located?

          Our primary concentration is New England, however, we do place applicants throughout the U.S.

  • As an employer, what guarantee do we have from your organization?

         Healthcare for Hire provides only experienced, highly-trained and well-screened applicants.
         We do our very best to provide applicants that exceed expectations, however we offer a 90 day      
         guarantee for each of the applicants we place.

  • Where do most of your clients come from?

         Almost all of our clients have been with us from the beginning and a large percentage of our  
         applicants are from customer referrals. We have established long term relationships with                      
         many Fortune 500 companies, which we continually provide ongoing services for. 
         We have also assisted startup companies and have had the pleasure of being part of their                            
         success and growth.

  • Tell me about your “Refer a Friend” program.

         Healthcare for Hire offers a generous bonus to anyone who refers a friend or
         colleague for a position, 90 days after placement.

  • I am looking for a career transition, can Healthcare for Hire help me?

         Yes. We specialize in transitioning healthcare professionals out of customary hospital positions
         and into more non-traditional positions.

  • How do I check the status of a position that I’ve sent to Healthcare for Hire or that I’ve applied for?

         Each staffing consultant is available to answer your questions via email or phone at 508.732.9770.

  • Once we post a position with Healthcare for Hire, what happens?

        We carefully review the position and research our database for qualified candidates. We then     
        submit the qualified resumes to the employer. The employer then decides who they want to           
        interview and contacts each individual separately.